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Frequently Asked Questions

“Life is an unanswered question, but let’s still believe in the dignity and importance of the question.”
Tennessee Williams

No, your drone isn't adjusted to land, charge and communicate with the system.

For now we only use the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual.
Depending on the demand we could implement more models.

Less than half a seconds.
For example: We did tests where the operator was in Argentina and the drone was flying in The Netherlands (About 11.0000km apart). There the latency was less than 500 milliseconds.

It will take about 20 seconds for the drone to take-off from the moment it is given a task. From there it will fly to the given destination.

See this video as a reference.

This is an irrelevant question: One drone can fly max 25 minutes. So when you put 3 or more systems next to each other they can exchange with one another. And then the flight time can be endless.

This depends heavily on for instance the landscape and location of the system. The drone is capable of flying about 4 kilometer (in Europe) away from the system with a stable connection but within line of sight of the system.

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