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We provide a complete solution to suit your aerial needs


Customized DJI drones with automatic recharge and high precision landing capabilities.


Docking station automatically recharges the drone between flights and is equipped with a 4G/LTE internet connection.


Intuitive control and planning interface to configure automatically repeating flights or fly on demand with live-view and or data recording.



In cooperation with Security 5. Posted September, 2019

The automated drone-in-a-box can be integrated with existing security systems. The drone automatically takes off when an alarm is triggered. Within minutes, both visual and thermal images are streamed live to the central camera room. The drones can also be configured to fly periodically around the perimeter.

Monitoring illegally parked trucks

In cooperation with Venlo. Posted August, 2019

Illegal truck parking constitutes to dangerous situations on the roads. Instead of installing hundreds of static cameras, a single drone-in-a-box system can periodically scan a large area and inform local law enforcement automatically. Together with Rijkswaterstaat and Antea Group, we demonstrated the possibilities in the city of Venlo. The drone scanned the area every 10 minutes and required no human interaction at all.

Multispectral data collection

In cooperation with Agro Food Cluster. Posted July, 2019

Drones have been used in agriculture for many years. Due to the cost of the pilot, it is only possible to fly a limited amount of flights per season. This summer, we used our autonomous drone-in-a-box equipped with multispectral camera to collect data on a daily basis. We collected multispectral data during the entire growth period.

ITS Europe 2019 Congress in Eindhoven

In cooperation with Rijkswaterstaat, Antea Group and Sky Survey,. Posted June, 2019

In the near future, drones will operate autonomously. provides autonomous drone systems. This system was demonstrated, as well as the possible applications of autonomous drones for traffic research.

AI truck counting

In cooperation with Rijkswaterstaat, posted November, 2018

In our first project with Rijkswaterstaat, we built a drone-in-a-box that could automatically detect parked trucks. An onboard computer vision algorithm recognized the trucks and communicated the location of occupied parking spots to a server. This information can then be communicated to truckers on the road through an app.



Over the past years, we have seen drones being used more and more for various applications. However, we believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg. The true potential of drones will be unleashed when they no longer require a drone-pilot. Drones are perfectly able to fly by themselves. Our drone-in-a-box solution offers completely automated data acquisition without the need for a drone-pilot.


In the summer of 2018, we wondered how difficult it could be to get rid of the pilot. The best way to find out is to just do it. In our spare time, Niels put together a drone from spare hobby-parts and built a wooden box. Meanwhile Bart worked on the flight control software to land precisely in the box and soldered some electronics to recharge the battery. Within a couple of weeks, we had our first working prototype.

Since then we have developed several more prototypes and conducted pilot projects with our future customers. With the knowledge and feedback gained from this, we are now about to deliver the first autonomous drone systems to customers.


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