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At mapture we try to keep it simple for you.


The weatherproof, small, lightweight box can be placed almost anywhere on your facility. When not operate the drone remains in the box for shelter and recharging. Ready to be launched at any moment.

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise

With the world leading drone manufacturer integrated, you are provided with the best worker you can get. We adjust the drone to add recharge capabilities.



With our easy to use interface, anybody can have the benefit of aerial data. With the Multi-level permission system the "operator" can position the drone so that the "first responder" has a good view over the site. And the "administrator" can change some of the parameter while the "system" will take care of the itself.


The system can be integrated with 3rd-party solutions through our Application Programming Interface (API)

Access the data during and after the flight for data analysis

Schedule autonomous flights at regular intervals


Receive a low-latency live video stream

Integrate our product in a centralized drone operations center